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Chateau du val cantal 9

Castle of Val

The Château de Val is a lovely castle by the lake of Bort-les-Orgues. But it has not always been the case since it was built in the fifteenth century...
Chateau de murol 2

Castle of Murol

The Castle of Murol is perched on the top of a rock. It is in the pure medieval style. The castle does not have many interesting rooms to visit...
Domaine royal de randan 7

Domaine Royal de Randan

Located in the middle of the Puy de Dôme in the town of Randan, Domaine Royal de Randan was the last Domaine Royal bought by the family...
Pal 11


The PAL is a park that plays on two tables. A first part that is a real zoo and a second part with attractions...

le Puy de Dôme

Dominating Clermont-Ferrand, the plain of the Limagne, the Chaine du Sancy, and the Chain of the Volcanoes of Auvergne
Puy pariou 9

Puy Pariou

Puy Pariou is a dormant volcano in Auvergne in the Chaine des Puys. It rises to 1209 meters of altitude. Since 2018 Le Puy Pariou is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with all Auvergne volcanoes under the name Chaine des Puys - faille Limagne...
Lac de gue ry 2

Lake Guéry

To fill the lungs with fresh air and get closer to nature, nothing better than to walk in the Sancy massif at Lake Guéry. To access the lake, nothing complicated. You just have to park the car at the Col de Guéry on the car park.
Puy en velay

Le Puy En Velay

Le Puy-en Velay is the main town in the Haute Loire department. Le Puy has a rich history since Roman times. Its regional importance comes from the fact that it was a bishopric very early on. It is for this reason that the religious heritage of the city is truly impressive and important for a city of this size...