Lake Guéry

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Lake Guéry

City : Auvergne

Category : Nature

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Lake Guéry is a lake of volcanic origin located between Mont Dore and Orcival in the Sancy massif. It is 1250 meters above sea level and its maximum depth is 17 meters. Nearby you can admire the mountains of Tuilière and Sanadoire which are atypical.

Our adventure

To fill the lungs with fresh air and get closer to nature, nothing better than to walk in the Sancy massif at Lake Guéry.
To access the lake, nothing complicated. You just have to park the car at the Col de Guéry on the car park.
From the parking, start by going to the lookout to admire two rock formations that form a kind of semicircle. Tuilière on your left and Sanadoire on your right.
Then to go down to Lake Guéry, small trails will show you your way.
Several hiking trails are proposed as going around the lake.
For our walk we chose to take the one that takes us to the creek waterfall that feeds the lake with water. Then after the waterfall you can continue the path to immerse yourself in the surrounding nature. Indeed the landscape is rich between mountains, meadows of altitude, cows grazing and ruminating peacefully.
In winter the lake is also nice to visit as you can go cross-country skiing on the prepared slopes or go ice fishing in the frozen lake. But do not forget to cover yourself at the Col de Guéry winter and particularly cold.

After spending 2 hours strolling around this place we came back rested and happy to have discovered this beautiful place.

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