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Tolmin Cave - Tolminska Korita

The Tolmin Gorge, Tolminska Korita in Slovene language are located in the only national park of Slovenia, Triglav: Triglavski Narodni Park.
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Postojna Cave

The Postojna Cave is located in the Karst Mountains. The cave is up to 24 kilometers long and this tour from a small train that takes you 3 kilometers from the entrance to access a walk. The Postojna Cave is the largest cave in Europe to visit.
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Lake Bled

Bled Lake is located in northwestern Slovenia, 50 kilometers from the capital Ljubljana. The lake is famous for its island which is in the center. But that's not all because at the end of the island, there is also the castle, the city of Bled,

Olimje and the Cokoladnica

Olimje is a charming village in northeastern Slovenia. He is known for his terms but not only. A little further away from Podcertrtek is the name of the main town, hiding a historic Olimje district that has some surprises: a chocolate factory and a monastery in the old castle...

Soca Fun Park

The Soca is a river of 136 kilometers in length. It has its source in the Alps in Slovenia to jump into the Adriatic Sea in Italy. Moreover, the Soca changes its name once the Italian border crossed to be called Isonzo...
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Gonjace tower

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