Olimje and the Cokoladnica

Olimje and the Cokoladnica

City : Olimje

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Discover Olimje in a few words

Olimje is a charming village in northeastern Slovenia. He is known for his terms but not only. A little further away from Podcertrtek is the name of the main town, hiding a historic Olimje district that has some surprises: a chocolate factory and a monastery in the old castle.

Our adventure in Olimje

We went to Olimje not for its terms but for a more gourmet pleasure, discover the chocolate factory that makes the reputation of this village. The Cokoladnica Olimje. Slovenians and tourists come from far and wide to buy their delicious chocolates. But in addition to the chocolate factory we discovered in the ancient castle of Olimje converted into a monastery, a magnificent pharmacy.

To reach Olimje, we have traveled the road because this village is a little isolated in the countryside but right next to the border with Croatia and not far from Zagreb.
The purpose of our visit was to discover the famous chocolates of Olimje.

Located above the castle, the Cokoladnica Olimje is in an old building, well decorated, and very flowery. Large bins of ivory geraniums bring color to the windows in this natural setting.
Small disappointment anyway because we would have liked a tour of the chocolate factory, but in fact there is only one store that sells local production workshops.
Not discouraged so we bought a good kilo of chocolate to console us, and we began to enjoy them on the terrace.

That's the purpose of our visit to Olimje.

But we came back with drugs! What happened ?

Next to the Cokoladnica, there is the castle which has been converted into a monastery. When you look at the castle, it seems that it comes out of a fairy tale so it is beautiful in this setting full of greenery.
The monks present specialized in natural herbal pharmacy. There is a shop where you explain your pain and your ills, and the monk offers you the adapted potion.
Attention, this is not folklore, the monks will refuse the sale if they think that the drugs are not adapted to your pain.

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