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Bled Lake is located in northwestern Slovenia, 50 kilometers from the capital Ljubljana. The lake is famous for its island which is in the center. But that's not all because at the end of the island, there is also the castle, the city of Bled, sport with walking and activities on the lake, and nature. Indeed the lake is at the foot of the mountains, the Julienne Alps, suddenly you are in the middle of a beautiful scenery. The environment of Lake Bled is really impressive.

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Slovenia is definitely a country we love. It was several times that we saw photos of this island in the middle of a lake. So, we decided to take the car and leave to discover with our own eyes this place. And we were not disappointed. It's just beautiful. In addition there is something for everyone. Nature, the lake is in an incredible setting at the foot of the Alps. Heritage, there is a church to visit on the island in the center of the lake and a magnificent castle overlooking the lake. And finally the sport with different sports activities: rowing, boat, stand up paddle. It is also possible to easily walk around the lake.
Although we went to Bled in August, the moment when the lake is full of tourists and finding a place for the car is complicated, we had a nice time and had fun.
The ride on the lake to reach the island is also picturesque because for this type of public transport a regulation is in place. One can become rower only from father to son, and motor boats are not allowed.
In conclusion, Lake Bled is a place to see first when you visit the country. Also considering the size of the country you can go to Bled for the day of any city in Slovenia.

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