Soca Fun Park

Soca Fun Park

City : Solkan

Category : Nature & sport

Discover Soca River

The Soca is a river of 136 kilometers in length. It has its source in the Alps in Slovenia to jump into the Adriatic Sea in Italy. Moreover, the Soca changes its name once the Italian border crossed to be called Isonzo. Soca Fun Park is located in Solkan, a Slovenian town next to its sister Nova Gorica. The Soca Fun Park is a spot designed to practice river water sports and a beach to swim. To wait at Soca Fun Park, once in Solkan, road signs are easy to navigate.

Our adventure in Soca Fun Park

Present in the region in August, we wanted to withdraw from the Slovenian and Italian coast to find more peaceful places.
After some research, we found the Soca Fun Park, a beach for water sports and a bar to relax. The concept pleased us.
Once arrived on site we were seduced by the place and the Soca.
La Soca this river with water of a beautiful blue and green color. We took advantage of the bar with the view of the spot and after to cool down we decided to test the water. So surprise !!!
We had forgotten that the Soca has its source of the Alps so mountain water. It had to be very brave because the water was very cold. But after twenty minutes trying to get into the river, we really enjoyed the refreshment in this scorching summer.
By cons we are far from the beautiful sandy beaches. You will have to find a place to put your stuff because the beach is not very big.
Our day at Soca Fun Park really gave us pleasure because with fresh water and a green environment, we had a pleasant day. And especially it changes the scenery of the seaside. To discover for the curious.

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