Tolmin Cave - Tolminska Korita

Tolmin Cave - Tolminska Korita

City : Tolmin

Category : Nature

Discover Tolmin Cave in a few words

The Tolmin Gorge, Tolminska Korita in Slovene language are located in the only national park of Slovenia, Triglav: Triglavski Narodni Park.
The visit starts from a car park made available near the crates because the entrance to the site is not free.
The gorges are in the form of a circuit with to see:

  • The Devil's Bridge
  • Cave
  • The head of the bear: a rock stuck
  • And the path along the Tolminska River.

The Tolminska has a maximum summer temperature of 9 ° C.

Our adventure in Tolmin Cave

When we went to the Tolmin Gorge, our wish was to see a river with turquoise water.
We discovered that the visit had other secrets.
We started the circuit by Devil's Bridge, a bridge over the gorges giving an overview of the course and the river. Then on the course there is a small cave where you can enter until about 10 meters deep. Remember to use the flashlight on your phone ...
The most beautiful surprise of this visit is the rock stuck (see photo below) also nicknamed The Bear's Head, Bear's Head. It's pretty rare to see this kind of natural phenomenon so closely. We loved it.
And finally we walked the path along the river Tolminska. It was quite nice but do not imagine putting a foot in the water because the Tolminska does not exceed 9 ° C in the middle of August.
Indeed we liked this ride because we have moved away from the beaches of the nearby sea where the temperatures were quite high. This visit allowed us to take some fresh air and share a moment with nature which is really important in Slovenia.

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