Le Puy En Velay

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City : Le Puy En Velay

Category : Historical place

Le Puy En Velay

Le Puy-en Velay is the main town in the Haute Loire department. Le Puy has a rich history since Roman times. Its regional importance comes from the fact that it was a bishopric very early on. It is for this reason that the religious heritage of the city is truly impressive and important for a city of this size.
The main places we visited are:
Notre-Dame-de-L’Annonciation Cathedral
The Statue of Notre-Dame-de-France
The Saint Clair Chapel
The Saint-Michel d'Aiguilhe Chapel

Our adventure in Puy En Velay


Cathédrale Notre Dame de l'Annonciation

To start we walked through the narrow streets of the old town of Puy to reach the Notre Dame de l'Annonciation Cathedral. You can see a photo of this cathedral that we took up on the stairs leading to Notre Dame de France. It was built according to the codes of Romanesque art. For the visit, we came back through the For porch. What you should definitely not miss is the Black Madonna present in the cathedral. The visit to the Cathedral is an essential stopover when you set off for Santiago de Compostela from via Podiensis which starts at Puy en Velay.

The Statue of Notre Dame de France

Then we went to the foot and even inside the Statue of Notre Dame de France. The statue which represents the Virgin Mary is 16 meters high and 22.70 meters with its pedestal. It was built with 213 cannons confiscated from the Russian army, and finally inaugurated in 1860. From the path and the stairs to reach the Virgin Mary you can discover the roofs of the town of Puy en Velay. Once at the top of the Corneille Rock which rises to an altitude of 757 meters, you will discover this magnificent statue and an impressive viewpoint over the entire Puy region. A staircase inside the Virgin takes you to the top. The landscape is magnificent, the city is magnificent and you will also have a beautiful view of the Rocher Saint-Michel d'Aiguilhe.

The Saint Clair Chapel

Pour atteindre le sommet du Rocher Saint Michel, nous avons fait une étape à la Chapelle Saint Clair à Aiguilhe. Vous trouverez une petite place avec une chapelle et une fontaine en pierre volcanique comme vous pourrez en voir dans toute l’Auvergne. Cette chapelle appartenait à un ancien hôpital. De plus avec des petits commerces en face l’ambiance est vraiment sympa. 

The Saint Michel d'Aiguilhe Chapel

Finally to end this magnificent day, we climbed the 268 steps of the staircase which joins the Saint Michel Chapel perched 82 meters above the ground. Indeed it is placed on a fairly impressive volcanic rock in the middle of the Puy en Velay basin. Arrived at the top, there is a covered way which allows you to walk around the rock and it offers you an incredible belvedere. The interior of the chapel is also really charming, you can see colorful frescoes. Damaged over time but colored. The descent was easier.

This last visit was the end of a wonderful day. If you have little time I advise you to visit in priority the Statue Notre Dame de France and the Chapel Saint Michel

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