Castle of Val

Name : Castle of Val
City : Lanobre
Category : Historical place
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The Château de Val is a lovely castle by the lake of Bort-les-Orgues. But it has not always been the case since it was built in the fifteenth century. Sure Lake Dam Bort-les Orgues is artificial. The dam was built after the Second World War. Previously the castle overlooking a valley as found much in the Auvergne and Limousin regions.
Over the centuries the property has seen a multitude of owners, more or less important depending on their ages. One of them even saved a King of France.
The castle has also experienced periods of neglect, restoration, looting.
In the 50s, Val Castle is managed by the municipality of Bort-les-Organs.
In the castle you will discover 2 floors. The first being fitted with furniture and period decoration. The second level is reserved for her exhibitions. The castle has a chapel on its exterior.
The lake is the boundary between the departments of Puy de Dôme, Cantal and Corrèze.

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With a ticket to a very reasonable price, the Castle of Val offers a good relaxing time. Placed the waterfront part is worthy of a postcard landscape. A castle with the towers. On the first floor you will find a lounge and a dining room with beautiful fireplaces and original furniture diverse enough. On the top floor you can walk on the walkway providing a view of the lake.
To spend a beautiful day in the summer, the Castle Valley is the center of a leisure center with a restaurant, a beach and a harbor where you can do winter sports activities on the lake. To conclude, we had a good time with a visit to a beautiful castle with its towers in an equally lovely setting.

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