Castle of Murol


Castle of Murol

City : Murol

Category : Historical place


The Castle of Murol is perched on the top of a rock. It is in the pure medieval style. The castle does not have many interesting rooms to visit, but it is mainly on the workshops, the exteriors and the view from the summit that make this visit interesting. You can visit the castle on a free visit or if not a guided tour.
This tour is really interesting because it is divided into several workshops presented in theatrical ways with disguised guides. Topics include poliorcetic. This barbarous word means the art of besieging or resisting a siege of a city or a castle. Then there is a workshop on handicrafts, tanning leather ... Finally to the summit you can discover a walkway that gives you a view of the whole landscape around Murol.
If you visit the Castle of Murol you are close to beautiful place to see also. Le Lac du Chambon, a charming little lake. Saint Nectaire, a spa town with a casino. Besse a village with a beautiful city center, to see absolutely.

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A great tour we loved. On the other hand we advise you to make the visit in the form of guided tour.

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