City : Dompierre-sur-Besbre

Category : Park


The PAL is a park that plays on two tables. A first part that is a real zoo and a second part with attractions.
The zoo has more than 700 animals from all continents and all kinds of birds, monkeys, elephants, giraffes, lions, bears, wolves, etc. For children you will find a mini farm with small goats. There is also the spectacle of sea lions, parrots and the meal of the penguins.
As for attractions, there are for all tastes, strong sensations and softer ones. A point of honor to the attraction which is called the "TWIST", really impressive. Another very beautiful ride is the "DISC DU SOLEIL". The younger ones will have classics like the carousel.

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Great fan of amusement parks I was eager to discover the park Auvergnat. Shared between the discovery of animals and sensational attractions, we had to prepare our visit to enjoy everything. This park is atypical because it allows to discover animals of all the continents. And rated sensations we loved the "TWIST". This ride is in my list of my best attractions at the sensation level.
We advise you to discover the PAL, you will spend a great day.

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