ISFAHAN : Live the thousand and one nights

We will present our journey in a beautiful city full of history: Isfahan.
Isfahan is Iran in southern Tehran and north of Shiraz.
Isfahan is a city of over 2 million.
Isfahan was for centuries the capital of the Persian Empire.
Unlike Tehran, we found that life is gentler, less agitated, and cleaner air. A kind of dolce-vita Persian


Upon our arrival we could not wait. Once put suitcases we went right away instead Naghsh-e-Jahan, also known as Imam Square. This place is known for its three main buildings:


  • The palace Ali Qapu
  • The Shah Mosque
  • Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque.

Mosques are blue and all colors in assembling tiles like mosaic.
This art is sublime and you will find it in several places of Isfahan.

Mosque e du shah 2

Qeisarieh bazar

This square is surrounded by Qeisarieh bazaar of Isfahan. In the bazaar you will find spice stands, but especially the typical Isfahan crafts: pottery, enamel (mina kari in Persian), pottery, made of objects according to Katham-kari method (see board games failure), jewelry, shishas, and coal teapots.

Artisanat iran 2
Img 6548
Artisant iran
Bazar ispahan 1

Abbasi Hotel

For entertaining and have a relaxing time, we advise you to go to the most famous hotel in town, the Abbasi hotel enjoying a cup of saffron tea in the middle of the central garden of the hotel.

Abbasi 4

The Armenian and friendly neighborhood too, if you are in need of coffee you should take advantage because in Iran the favorite drink is tea while in the Armenian quarter you can enjoy the many coffee shop.

Vank 5


Soufeh 2

For a pleasant evening, take a taxi to reach the restaurant atop the mountain Soufeh. From the top you will have a magnificent view of Isfahan. The city is huge top view.

Eat in Isfahan

For food lovers in the restaurants we recommend a kebab marinated in pomegranate juice.
The specialty of Isfahan is the Beryani, meat based recipe on a warm flatbread.
For adventurers of taste, try the khoreshe mast, a white cheese mixture, saffron, sugar, and meat sheep neck.

Img 7584
Img 7585

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