Isfahan Bridges

Name : Isfahan Bridges
City : Isfahan
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Isfahannn, ohhh, Isfahann...
To listen to the popular songs of Isfahan, take a walk under the arches of the bridges of Isfahan.
The eleven bridges of Isfahan are places of encounter and relaxation for Ispahanis.
If you search on internet you often find photographs of bridges with water flowing all along the river Zayanderud. But the reality is very different, water is managed for human needs with the result of the dry river bed most of the time. The Ispahanis feel this drought as a real drama. If you want to see water under the bridge, be present in Isfahan or in case of heavy rain or either during the period of snowmelt.
Once the water problem discussed, bridges are well worth a visit with their arches. They are to see both the day and once at night.
Key bridges we recommend priority:
Pol-e Chahrestan which is the oldest bridge.
Si-o-Se Pol, the longest with 298 meters long. Si-O-in means 33 as the number of the bridge arch that has over its entire length.
Khaju, beautiful with its 24 arches and 133 meters long. It has on the upper level, in the middle, a balcony was reserved for the Shah to enjoy views of the city and river. Khaju was also used for public events.
We have not had a chance since we returned listen songs, nobody was there to give voice. So I tried myself to sing for you, to give you the atmosphere (see video).

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If you have a little time we advise you to go and relax under the bridge and meet Ispahanis. Additionally we recommend to go back to the night of bridges, especially the Si-O-Pol. It is beautiful and a great enlightened times.

Les chants d'Ispahan

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  • irangazette

    1 irangazette On 19/06/2017

    The bridges over the Zayandeh-rud, the river that separates Isfahan from its southern bridge is the pol-e Shahrestan, which was probably built in the l2th century during the Seljuq period. Until recently, it was still located outside the town limits. This ten-arch bridge of stone and brick is the simplest of the old bridges and was originally defended on one side by a tower.

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