Vank Church et Jolfa Street

Name : Vank Church & Jolfa Street
City : Isfahan
Category : Historical Place
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The Armenian presence is significant in Iran because the two countries have a common history through the Persian Empire. There are Armenian communities in many cities of Iran.

The Armenian community of Isfahan arrived in the seventeenth century during the reign of Shah Abbas the Great after the exodus from the Jolfa region of Armenia which was the field of battle between the two empires, Persian and Ottoman. As compensation Armenians had the right of exile which in Isfahan where they build the neighborhood of New Jolfa, the same name as their homeland.
At that time they had the same rights as any other citizen:
• Right of free worship because they were Christians in Muslim countries.
• The monopoly of the silk trade.

Vank is the main church of Isfahan among the 12 that left in the city. Their architectures are unique because they combine Christian and Islamic architecture. Indeed Armenians were allowed to build as many churches as they wanted but respecting the architectural standards of the city not to denature the landscape. This is how most churches have a dome of Isfahan as mosques. To date only two churches have the right to use their bell like Vank.
From an aesthetic point of view, within Vank is beautiful, very colorful.

When you visit Vank, the ticket also entitles you to access to the museum. The museum of Armenian art including Orthodox manuscripts, Bibles, religious objects, and also a hair when a text is written, impressive.

Enjoy wandering in the neighborhood Jolfa, do not hesitate to go for a coffee in a coffee shop, specialty Armenian.

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For a complete tour of Isfahan and understand the history of the city, visiting the Jolfa district and the Vank church is mandatory.
Vank itself is really pretty to do with its fully painted inside. From the outside, it is true that the shape of the place of Christian worship is unusual with its dome and bell tower that is not adjoining but built next.

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