Monar Jonban

Name : Monar Jonban
City : Isfahan
Category : Famous places
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Monar Jonban or the shifting minarets, is a special attraction. The building looks like kind of square tomb with two minarets on top. Every half hour someone shakes a minaret in order to move another. To prove this feat, a bell rings when the two minarets move. This effect is due to the way the building was built.

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So if you've visited the best points of interest such as Isfahan Naqsh-e Jahan Square, the Khaju bridges and Si-o-Se Pol, the Vank church, and you still have time. You can visit these Moner Jonban that are a real attraction for the Iranians. Every half hour someone shaking minarets. A few years back, you could also try to get into minarets and move but for reasons of security and preservation of the site is no longer possible.

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