Chehel Sotoon & Hasht Behesht

Name : Chehel Sotoon & Hasht Behesht
City : Isfahan
Category : Historical place
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Along the avenue Charbagh Abbasi there is an area of green parks where two smaller palaces, Chehel Sotoon and Hasht Behesht, both built under the Safavid dynasty that ruled long over Persia.
These two palaces are both in the middle of a garden. Charbagh is the name of a Persian garden built on a specific model and in Europe there are gardens to the French or English gardens.
The name Chehel Sotoon means forty columns. The palace has twenty but with their reflections in the water, the total is forty. Rather clever. Chehel Sotoon had a political role or for coronations or to meet and greet foreign ambassadors. Inside the palace is covered with paintings recounting of military exploits.
Hasht Behesht means eight gardens of paradise. The palace had a role as a residence for Shahs.

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Both palaces are in a picturesque area in the city center. They are quick to visit because of small size. Just next to the Abbasi hotel can welcome you to drink tea in their garden, even if you are not staying in this hotel. During our visit in Isfahan we have not been able to visit Hasht Behesht because it was under renovation. If you want to share your visit Hasht Behesht do not hesitate to email us your impression.

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