Villa Manin

NAME Villa Manin
CITY Codroipo
CATEGORY historical place


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Codroipo, Villa Manin is the largest and most beautiful Venetian villa in Friuli. The villa was built and inhabited by the powerful Manin family whose Ludovic Manin was the last Doge of Venice.

The villa also welcomed Napoleon Bonaparte for several months until the signing of the Treaty of Compoformio between France and Austria in 1797.

Side architecture, in addition to the main building the villa has two half moon-shaped buildings with arches and a large park.

Villa Manin serves as a culture. An outdoor space for concerts and a contemporary art museum that offers regular exhibitions.

At Villa Manin we can visit a superb free chapel, an exhibition of carts and carriages and weapons of war exposure of several parts of the world.

You can also access the huge green area where you can see species of trees and rare flowers, mythology style statues, and two small lakes.

Villa Manin is a place which is worth the visit in Friuli because it is a place full of history and beauty.

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