Temple Valley

Name : Temple Valley
City : Agrigente
Category : Historical place
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Temple Valley is located near the city of Agrigento, called the Greek Akragas time when this city was at its peak.
Temple Valley is on the top of a cliff where are present several vestiges of Greek Doric temples.
The main ones are:

  • The Temple of Hercules
  • The Temple of Concord is the best preserved
  • The Temple of Hera
  • The Temple of Olympian Zeus

Also you can admire the statues of giants, a Greek cemetery and a beautiful view of the sea.
This site is a UNESCO World Heritage site
With your entrance ticket you can also visit an archaeological museum with a surcharge.

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The Valley of the Temples site is beautiful on the top of the cliff. Also with sea view, it's like stepping back in time when the Greek era.
The temples are more or less well preserved especially that of the Concorde.
Please see use of group tours with a guide or as temples have many secrets you can find.
The summer remember to take water, hat or cap.

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