Monte Lussari

Name : Monte Lussari
City : Tarvisio
Category : Historical place / nature
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Legend in 1360, a shepherd went for his lost sheep on top of the mountain Lussari. While approaching, he should see his sheep kneeling around a Madonna and Child. This episode was repeated every day. So the decision was taken to build a sanctuary on the summit of Monte Lussari to 1790 meters. At the foot of the mountain lies the town of Tarvisio, the last village before arriving in Austria and Slovenia.
This church is a place of pilgrimage for the three neighboring nationalities, Italians, Austrians and Slovenians.
This place of pilgrimage and hiking in summer, and also a beautiful ski resort in winter.

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The Monte Lussari is a lovely place. To reach the summit, you can either organize a rise in hiking or use the cable car. We felt the price of round-trip gondola high enough. But in all cases when you are on top you fall in love with this magical place. Moreover Tarvisio is a beautiful ski resort in winter.

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