Miramare Castle


The Miramare Castle was completed in 1860. It was built on the orders of Maximilian of Habsburg, Prince Imperial and Archduke of Austria. It was also the summer residence of the famous Empress Sissi.

The castle is in the extreme east of Italy in the amazing city of Trieste.

Upon arrival near the castle, you can easily use the parking but always full in summer.

To reach the castle you will enter the beautiful park by the front door. From this door you can admire the magnificent castle that awaits you. You will understand immediately that the castle symbol is the pineapple fruit. Indeed flower pots are shaped pineapple and there are pineapple plants everywhere.

Inside the castle are the multiple parts as well as well-preserved decorated.

After visiting the interior, you can stroll in the outdoor and the park.

I have very good memories of Miramare and I like to return to this place when I am in this region of Italy.

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