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City : Rab

Category : Nature

Discover Rab

The Island of Rab, Felix Arba in Roman language, is located in the north of Croatia towards Rijeka and 40 minutes from Senj. To get to Rab you will need to take the ferry to Stinica. There are departures regularly during the day. The crossing takes around 15 minutes.
When one approaches Rab one discovers the eastern face of the island which is entirely deserted with vegetation and habitation. The landscape is completely lunar. Once passed on the side towards the sea the decor changes completely and we find ourselves on a little corner of paradise.
The island of Rab runs the length of the town of the same name, Rab to the town of Lopar, which is at the other end of the island, to the north. Besides, for those who prefer sand as a beach, it is in Lopar that you will find your happiness.
Indeed the beaches of Rab, as in all of Croatia, are coves or pebbles. We love cove beaches for snorkeling so we loved Rab for that. Our favorite beach is Suha Punta in the middle of dense green vegetation, a set of small coves, a true paradise on the Adriatic Sea.
On the city side, Rab is a small fortified city that really has all its charm. Place de Saint Christophe, Sveti Kristofer with its ice cream parlors, bars and shops. Komrcar park with its pines.
Rab is a set of small alleys characterized by its 4 aligned bell towers. The challenge is to go high enough to see them all.
For those who go to Rab in summer, you should not miss the Rabska Fjera which has been celebrated every July 21 since 1364.

For gastronomy, given that we are on an island, we should not miss out on freshly caught fish specialties. For meat lovers, I advise you to try Ljubljanska which is a cordon bleu, the cevapcici of small sausages from the Balkans, or finally the pljeskavica which is the Croatian burger.

Our adventure in Rab

Croatia is one of our favorite destinations. Rab Island has kept its promises. Postcard landscape and breathtaking crystal clear sea.
For accommodation, we chose a B&B. there are hotels on the island, but Croats easily rent rooms or apartments.
We visited Rab at the end of June. The density of tourist population being very bearable.
If you are also in love with Croatia, do not hesitate to discover RAB.


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