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City : Opatija

Category : Nature & culture

Discover Opatija in a few words

Opatija is a seaside town, located in the Kvarner Bay in Croatia. It was the first seaside resort created in Croatia. It is frequented by a rather worldly population. His nickname is "Nice Austrian".

Our adventure

Opatija is a beautiful seaside town. Its imperial architecture makes us understand when it was built. In any case Opatija is really charming and is worth to stay a few days to discover its secrets and taste the dolce vita version Croatia.

We will make you discover this city through:
The Lungomare
The beach
The Maiden with the Bird
The Madonna Del Mare
Villa Angiolina and its park
Cafes and tea rooms.

We are in love with the Croatian coast. All the seaside towns and islands deserve a holiday like Rovinj, Dubrovnik, Hvar. Opatija is part of this list.
Here are the things to discover in Opatija.
We hope that these few lines will give you the desire to discover Opatija.


The Lungomare is the seafront walking path that will make you discover Opatija and its neighboring towns for 12 kilometers. And yes if you need to walk a little you have 12 kilometers to take full eyes and devour the beauty of Kvarner Bay.

Opatija lungomare
Opatija baia kavner

The beach

Bathing in Opatija. On this point, the beaches of Opatija are quite original. No fine sand and hot. The coastline is 100% landscaped. So it's true that in general you like or do not like concrete. But suddenly the water is a beautiful blue color. With your diving mask and snorkel you can observe a wide variety of fish species.
To put your towel you will either rent a deckchair or find a place where it is possible to lie down for free. Only drawback, to have room you have to come early.
To go in the water nothing more simple, it is necessary to take the staircase and you will be able to appreciate the water of the Adriatic sea.

Opatija i3
Opatija 13

Maiden with the Bird

The Statue of the Maiden with the Bird is the emblem of the city. It was carved by Zvanko Car and placed on these rocks facing the sea in 1956.
Legend has it that this young lady drowned for love after seeing her love, Count Kesselstatt, disappear in the open sea.

Opatija c1
Img 9497
Opatija 3

Madonna del Mare

The Madonna del Mare is the statue of the Virgin of Opatija. Then the stories of the statue of the Maiden with the Bird and the Madonna del Mare are linked because the girl with the bird is on the original site of the virgin. Indeed, by a storm in 1891, the statue of Madonna was overthrown into the sea by the violence of the waves. To protect her a replica with gilding was placed in the garden next to the church of St. Jakov. To see both the night and the day because the night is illuminated by a beautiful garland.

Opatija 9

Angiolina's House

Villa Angiolina is one of the first 120 villas that was built to give birth to the seaside resort of Opatija. Today, it is also a museum, the Croatian Museum of Tourism. In addition to its park of several hectares was built from 1845 to 1860. Today in addition to observe flowers and plants from around the world, you will discover a wall with portraits of famous characters whose identity I let you guess.

Opatija 7
Opatija 8

Hotels and coffee

Under Austrian influence, Opatija is full of hotels, palaces and cafes. We advise you to spend some time in these places which are a heritage of the culture of the imperial era of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. In photo you will discover the Wagner café and the Kvarner hotel.

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