Belvedere Palace

Belvedere Palace

City : Vienna

Category : historical places


The Belvedere Palace, Schloss Belvedere, is a palace that was built from 1714 to 1723 for Prince Eugene who used it as a summer residence. The Belvedere is composed of two parts, the lower Belvedere, the Upper Belvedere and the middle of a park. One of the most famous occupants was François Ferdinand, whose murder triggered the First World War.
Nowadays the Schloss Belvedere is a museum of art, especially Austrian whose most famous artist is Gustave Klimt. His two most famous paintings are The Kiss and Judith.
The garden is also very nice with beautiful fountains.

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If an argument should make you want to go to the Belvedere Palace, it is the presence of the painting The Kiss by Gustav Klimt. It is simply beautiful to see in real life. You can take a picture with a copy.
The Schloss Belvedere is both a magnificent museum to visit in a sumptuous palace, and a beautiful garden area with its flowers, fountains and statues.
A must see.

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