Milad Tower

NAME Milad Tower
CITY Tehran
CATEGORY amous places


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You can not escape the Milad Tower because it is visible from many parts of Tehran.
Fairly recent architectural work because it was built in 2007, the Milad Tower rises up to 435 meters high, making it the 6th highest tower in the world.
You can access the upper floors by an impressive elevator that has a speed of 7 meters per second.
The summit offers a superb panoramic viewpoint over the city of Tehran and a restaurant that turns on itself.
But based on the Milad Tower also offers a large shopping center and Iranian handicrafts. On the outdoor gardens of exhibitors will make you taste the Iranian specialties like Ash, Koufteh, or tea.
Although modern, the Milad Tower will be on your program if you visit the city of Tehran as it provides a comprehensive view of city.
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