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In late spring to early summer is the ideal time to make a lavender road, because it is during this period that the plant is in bloom. Lavender has a purple flower.
The flowers in lavender fields color the landscape an unusual and surprising way.
There are several routes of lavender. We will present that we made between the Drôme and Vaucluse.

La Garde-Adhémar

The beginning of our journey begins at the Garde-Adhemar a beautiful hilltop village of Drôme Provençale.
In this medieval village you can stroll through the beautiful streets to the central square. At the foot of the Saint-Michel church, take a few minutes to wander through the Remarkable Garden.


Grignan is the capital of the correspondence relating to the letters of the Countess of Grignan, Madame de Sevigne. You can visit its beautiful castle that has some remarkable furniture. Use the walkway to lead you through the streets of Grignan. Do not forget to throw a coin in the laundry that is worth seeing.



To sleep we chose the charming village of Séguret classified in the most beautiful villages in France. great place to eat well and enjoy its magnificent appellation wine Séguret, in moderation.



In a Provencal decor, Vaison-la-Romaine, is simply beautiful. See the Roman bridge, the hill town and the ancient site.

Toulourenc Valley

To leave the village atmosphere, cross the Toulourenc Valley where you bypass the Mont Ventoux. Toulourenc is a river where you can cool off in the summer.


Besides being a beautiful village, Montbrun-les-Bains is a spa town for spa guests

Ferrassières & Sault

We are finally in lavender plantation center, Ferrassières in Drôme and a few kilometers Sault in Vaucluse. Lose yourself in the vicinity to discover the large number of lavender fields. Some have a small stone cottages.


By dint of turning around, we decided to climb the giant of Provence, the impressive Mont Ventoux. The summit of Mont Ventoux is breathtaking, a stretch of pebbles, like a lunar landscape. Remember to cover your car at the top to 1911 meters the temperature is low.

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