Pont du Diable

Name : Pont du Diable
City : Thueyts
Category : Nature & famous places
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If you cross the Ardèche to reach the Auvergne, you will cross the village of Thueyts in the Parc Naturel Régional des Monts de l'Ardèche. At Thueyts please leave the road to get to Devil's Bridge. A magnificent bridge-shaped arch 17 meters high above the river Ardèche.
The Devil's Bridge also has its story. Legend has it that the devil built the bridge for young lovers boys and girls can come together. Some never returned. It is said that on windy days, have little heard the cries and lamentations of those who never returned from the Devil's Bridge.
Around the bridge, you will find all decked area with parking, snack and a small beach for swimming in very cold but clear water of the Ardeche.
For hikers, from the deck you have a starting point for many hiking routes.

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The Devil's Bridge made for a nice day of charming bridge, a small beach, clear water, and a setting in the middle of nature in the heart of the Ardeche.

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