cave of Pont d'Arc : Chauvet's Cave

Name : Cave of Pont d'Arc : Chauvet's Cave
City : Vallon Pont d'Arc
Category : historical place
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The Cave space Pont d'Arc is a site divided into two parts.
Firstly there is a reconstruction of several rooms of the Chauvet Cave discovered in 1994 in Vallon Pont d'Arc. Each room explores the discovery of the original cave as the fresco lions. Fresco of gigantic size and very good artistic level. You will also discover other works of wall art (the art of the caves) dating to 36,000 years.
The second part is the gallery of the Aurignacian. This gallery is a fun area with videos, touch tables, exhibitions of objects, reconstructions of prehistoric animals.
The Cave of the Pont d'Arc is located near Vallon Pont d'Arc in a beautiful natural area.
This exceptional place is open to the public since 2015 and is a victim of its success given the scientific, cultural and artistic discovery of the cave in 1994. So in the summer and at weekends it must consider booking on the internet its entrance fees for the number of visitors is very high.

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Difficult to talk about Bow Bridge Cavern without attempting to convey emotion it arouses. The quality of the reconstruction and the explanations of the guides make this moving visit. At this point we realize the importance of preserving cultural property so that as many people as possible can find out what women and men could be there 36,000 years ago. If you are unsure of the quality of reconstitution, do you ask more questions because the realization of the cave is just beautiful. Do not hesitate, go visit the Pont d'Arc cave to the marvel.

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