Le Parc des Oiseaux

NAME Le Parc des Oiseaux
CITY Villars les Dombes


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The Bird Park is a bird zoo. The park is divided into several aviaries and outdoor parties representing the tropics, desert, mountainous, and many others, to accommodate different varieties of birds that can exist on earth.
In addition, you have access to the outdoor show in an amphitheater. You will have the chance to see flying Ara Blue, famous blue parrots of a famous cartoon.
The park offers a great diversity of birds, flamingos, macaws, Toucans, Pelican, Ostrich, storks, penguins ... .Bref ago as 3000 birds their site to discover. You will be amazed by the beauty, originality, elegance, songs of all these animals. There are even a few kangaroos.
To visit the park you need a good full day especially if you want to see the show.
The Bird Park of Villars les Dombes is a beautiful animal park that will make you love birds.
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