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Located at the extreme south of France, in full Catalan region, the town of Collioure is definitely the pearl of the French Mediterranean coast.
The port of Collioure appeared in antiquity with main activity trade. As to the dominations of Majorca, Navarre and France, Collioure evolved as commercial port, naval port, and finally fishing port.
Rich in heritage, Collioure there are enough places to see such as the Chapelle Saint Vincent, the harbor entrance, the Church of Our Lady of the Angels, or the Royal Castle whose entrance is free.
Side art, you are also spoiled for Collioure is nicknamed the City of Painters. Sure you will find many galleries of painters but also on the edge of the harbor.
Culinary level, are the specialty of Collioure anchovies Colliourencque and the famous sweet wine, Banyuls. The restaurants also offer many recipes based on fish.
Finally the beaches are made of pebbles and the water is beautiful.
Collioure is a beautiful city to visit.

The Mill of Collioure

The Moulin De Collioure was built in 1338 until abandoned in ruins. An association of enthusiasts decided to restore it in 2001.
Thus, close to the city center, you can go to the mill, in the heart of the Park Pams, a park surrounded by olive trees.
Access is on foot and free of charge.
In addition, the Moulin de Collioure is between the city center and the Fort of the Elm for brave people who wish to make these visits on foot.
We loved this visit because it is rare to see a real mill in working order especially close to a city center.

Fort Saint-Elme

Fort Saint-Elme is located on the heights of Collioure.
It was built in the 16th century by order of Charles V, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, to protect this territory enemies and more particularly French. Its situation allows to see the arrival of the soldiers from afar.
To access the Fort Saint-Elme to visit, you can use the small train from the city center of Collioure, your car but the road is narrow, or walk to the fort through the Mill Collioure.
In the fort you will find a collection of weapons, armor, and shields of all kinds. But for us the main asset of this visit is the view offered on Collioure, the Mediterranean Sea, and all the environment around the fort.
It feels good to observe this beautiful scenery offered by the fort.
For information, the entrance fee, guided tour or free.

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