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NAME Scandola

Porto / Girolata

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The Scandola Reserve is located on the western part of Corsica, between Calvi and Porto.
The Scandola Reserve offers a wonderful opportunity to marvel at nature:

  • A natural site exceptional for its beauty, the color of the rock of volcanic origin mixed with the color of the fauna and the blue of the Mediterranean.
  • The fauna of a great wealth both marine and terrestrial. The bird the osprey is a local and ultra protected species.
  • The flora also has a great diversity.

Not to be missed is the village of Girolata, a village without an official road and the numerous coves for swimming in a perfectly clear and clean water.
To get to the Scandola Reserve, there are several ways to preserve a ticket for an organized boat ride from many ports such as Rousse Island, Calvi and Porto. Otherwise rent a boat if you have the permit.
In any case, as it is a nature reserve, strict rules must be observed:

  • Do not harvest fauna or flora
  • Not feeding animals
  • Do not hike, camp and fire
  • Scuba diving is not permitted
  • No hunting or fishing
  • Fly above the reserve within 1000 meters.

Despite these rules, we must visit the Reserve of Scandola which has fascinated us.

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