Villandry Castle

Name : Villandry Castle & Gardens
City : Villandry
Category : Historical place / Nature
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Villandry Castle was built from 1532 by Jean le Breton, Minister of Finance of François1 °. Its architecture respects the Renaissance style although the castle has undergone several renovations and restorations by its various owners until today to return to its original style.
The exterior of the castle are really the main assets of the estate. You will discover a decorative vegetable garden, ornamental lounges with different themes like love and music, and the Water Garden.

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The visit of Villandry is really recommended for lovers of gardens, vegetable gardens, and ornaments.
After the tour of the interior done, do not forget to go on the top of the tower to admire the beautiful view of the gardens, and enjoy the colors and shapes.
The size of the garden is impressive. In the gardens will feel the smells of vegetables and flowers. You will discover a wide variety of vegetables. We loved peppers and all kinds of cabbage.
On the top of the park, the water garden with its pool, you imagine you to another era.
In conclusion, we recommend you visit.

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