Royal Castle of Amboise

Name : Royal Castle of Amboise
City : Amboise
Category : Historical place
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Amboise Castle was built before the Renaissance in a Gothic style on top of a cliff. The view from the castle is beautiful by the other bank of the Loire River.
It was the royal residence of Charles VIII.
From an architecture standpoint, the castle has two towers bridleways. These tours are very rare in Europe. Their use was simple, they allowed the horses and carriages to the castle from the bottom of the town of Amboise.
The supposed remains of the body of Leonardo da Vinci are in the Chapel of St. Hubert, adjoining the castle.
The visit of the castle can be freely or in groups with a guide.

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The visit of the Amboise Castle is interesting for two essential points. First, the riders towers that are surprising. And then you can see the monument of Leonardo da Vinci in the Chapel of Saint Hubert was his last for Amboise city. His main residence was the Clos Lucé which is also open to the public.
The visit of the castle can be freely or in groups. This choice is a good thing because in all the castles we visited (5 visits), only Amboise offers this choice while others provide either paper guides or audio guides. The guide helped us to know important information about Amboise.

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