Castle of Chenonceau

Name : Castle of Chenonceau
City : Chenonceau
Category : Historical place
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In addition to its Renaissance style, the Château de Chenonceau's main charm was built over the river Cher. The presence of important women as Diane de Poitiers and Catherine de Medici marked the history of this castle.
Inside Chenonceau is very rich in furniture, tapestries and paintings. The view of the Cher is wonderful from the Grand Hall, the largest room in the castle. The kitchen and workshops are also well equipped.
The two main outdoor gardens are the great Diane de Poitiers and that of Catherine de Medici.

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The visit of Chenonceau Castle was your stroke of heart. The area is very comprehensive. A magnificent castle which flows underneath a river, Cher.
Inside the castle is very rich in decoration: paintings, tapestries, furniture, stairs, the Grand Gallery. We also liked the kitchen area with a collection of copper pots with a beautiful diversity.
The exterior also help to enrich this tour with two large gardens, one of Diane de Poitiers and that of Catherine de Medici.
Gardens, what a pleasure for the eyes to see the river Cher go under the castle.
In conclusion, we can safely say: beautiful.

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