Castello Della Spessa

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Il Castello Della Spessa

City : Capriva Del Friuli

Category : historical place

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The Castello de la Spessa is not a castle to visit but a beautiful hotel complex where everyone can enjoy it in their own way because beyond the top-of-the-range hotel, you will find a magnificent park to visit, a spa, a golf course, a restaurant and a brasserie where you can enjoy a good glass of wine accompanied by local charcuterie and cheese. The estate, which has existed for several centuries, has seen a few celebrities, including the famous Giacomo Casanova, who has settled down for a few weeks.

Our adventure

To be honest with you, the Château de la Spessa is a place where we go from time to time to enjoy a good glass of wine at the Hosteria del Castello. One year for our wedding anniversary we treated ourselves to a good meal at the estate's restaurant, the Tavernetta. A good memory because there were jasmines in bloom and at the time of the spring fruits we had on our table a dish of very fresh cherries.
We also strolled in the park of the castle. If you go to Capriva one day, don't hesitate to cross the estate because the road that crosses the Spessa is public, and if you have a little time stop and drink a glass of good wine, we recommend the Friulano.

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