Le Palais Idéal

NAME Palais Idéal du facteur Cheval
CITY Hauterives
CATEGORY famous places


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The Ideal Palace is the work of a postman Ferdinand Cheval.
The construction of the Palais Ideal, which represents the work of a lifetime begins in 1879 when the Hauterives factor Ferdinand Cheval, stumbles on a stone during his daily rounds of delivering mail. By observing this stone, he decided to constuire a palace on a piece of land that belongs to him.
Every day for 33 years working on this project. It is inspired by nature, postcards, and magazines to build this monument so original unique.
You will discover on this palace of animals, elements of different cultures, characters like the three giants on one of the four facades of the palace.
This issue out of the imagination of one man is quite original and you will have good look to discover all the details.
Besides the palace, with the ticket you can visit a museum space telling the life of Ferdinand Cheval.
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