le Gouffre de l'Oeil Doux

NAME Le Gouffre de l'Oeil Doux
CITY Fleury d'Aude


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If you are on vacation in the Massif de la Clape. Want to get away from the sandy beaches of the seaside, you can take a short walk to the caves of the eye Soft. The name of this natural curiosity seems malifique but this little freshwater lake down a cliff is just beautiful.
To access the Eye Sweet, you either have the choice to go on hiking trails or to go to the car park is located between Saint-Pierre-la-Mer Fleury d'Aude. Once the car park, you can use a path for 800 meters to reach the Sweet eye.
To walk the massive Clape is beautiful.
By cons around the pit, be careful because the path around the cliffs and the one that accesses on the lake are not secure.
You will see signs indicating the safety instructions.
In conclusion, the Pit of Soft Eye really offers a great opportunity to walk in the middle of beautiful nature as a reward with a small lake at the end of the road.
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