NAME Gulf of Poets
CITY Portovenere
CATEGORY famous places


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Portovenere is the city west of the Gulf of Poets and Spezia. This medieval city is just beautiful.
At the end of Portovenere, you can walk on the ramparts to the beautiful church of San Pietro. Behind the church of San Pietro you will find a beautiful balcony in vault with a magnificent view on Arpaia grotto.
Arpaia The cave is known for that is where the poet Byron was going to swim. It is true that this rocky beach is just paradise.
Then continue the ascent of the city to Doria castle. At the castle of Doria you have several magnificent viewpoints over the city and the entire Gulf of Poets.
The shopping street, the street Capellini, is interesting in some stores, as a "olioteca" that sells different olive oils per liter. A pesto store that offers its own homemade pesto. There are also restaurants with terraces with panoramic views of the port of Portovenere.
Finally, around Portovenere, there are three small islands Palmaria, Tino, Tinetto, you visit either by boat or by canoe or kayak for the more energetic.
To conclude, the visit of Portovenere is needed if you are in the La Spezia region.

The Gulf of Poets is the name given to the gulf that surrounds the city of La Spezia. The seaside towns of the Gulf, like Portovenere or Lerici, are magnificent. To visit the Cinque Terre if you stay several days, we recommend you to find accommodation in the Gulf of Poets and then use public transport to reach the Cinque Terre.
You can also navigate between Lerici and Portovenere, visit the Islands around Portovenere thanks to boats network.

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