Duino castle

NAME Duino castle
CITY Duino Aurisina
CATEGORY historical place


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On the golf of Trieste, there are two important castles. The first is the Miramare Castle and the second is on a cliff overlooking the Adriatic Sea, the Duino Castle.

The Duino Castle is inhabited by the family that owns it but it is open to the public for tours.

The castle is surprising because when you enter the premises used fund can not see the castle, and once out of the room, surprise. The magnificent castle awaits you.

Before you go inside you will pass a first door with several statues staring at you from above.

The interior has several rooms to visit different themes: the important people who séjournées the castle, music, and several lounges. To view the top floor, a balcony with a beautiful view.

Then climb the stairs of the tower at the top until reaching the beautiful gazebo in 360 °.

The grounds are beautiful too. Very flowery.

Finally, small bonus, you can get off in the bunker that was used during the Second World War.

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